Relationship Tips: Be Realistic About Expectations From Your Partner

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Romantic novels and sappy movies are turning relationships into what they are not. They bring in an unrealistic idea of fantasies in relationships. It is far from what a real one looks like. While there is no hard and fast rule of what a real healthy relationship looks like, you can figure out what you should avoid. Instead of falling in love with a fantasy, it is better to keep an eye out on what truly makes a relationship thrive.

Here are 5 relationship fantasies debunked and what you should strive for instead:

Open Communication Does Not Mean No Arguments

An open communication leads to resolution and compromise. Neither does it mean there will be no arguments, nor does it mean your disagreements lead to lashing out. At the end of good communication, you often see progress. Not just in the topic of interest, but in your relationship in general. Talking in circles, fear of voicing your opinions, and feeling unheard are typical red flags of a relationship.

You Still Remain Your Own Person

There is a difference between being together and being codependent. If your entire world revolves around your relationship, perhaps it is time to re-think it. It is for the mutual good of both partners that you maintain your individuality and identity. Your self-esteem must never stem from your relationship.

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Too Much Time Apart Is Not The Deal

While time apart is important, spending time together is just as important. Sure, there is no need to spend every waking moment together, but you must have each other’s back. A healthy relationship involves both of you. You must ask yourself, can you turn to your partner when you need them?

Learn The Difference Between Being Playful And Bullying

Having a good laugh with each other can strengthen your relationship, but not at the expense of each other. While being playful helps sail through the tough times, intentionally saying hurtful things can lead to a decline in self-esteem. Judgment on personal choices is a red flag to look out for.

Boundaries Are Respected

Relationships should lead to life satisfaction. If your partner makes you feel uncomfortable about the boundaries of your relationship or your choices, consider rethinking about it. A healthy relationship must feel balanced. Boundaries are everything from respecting your need for privacy to what level of intimacy you want to exercise. Violating each other’s boundaries is a sign of serious concern and should never be dismissed.

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