Quality control order for leather and non-leather footwear to come into effect from July 1: Piyush Goyal, Retail News, ET Retail

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Piyush Goyal

New Delhi: Quality Control Orders (QCO) for leather and non-leather footwear would be implemented from July 1, 2023, Union Minister of Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal said on Friday.

“BIS standards need to be followed for better quality and larger production which eventually leads to good quality products for the consumers,” he said.

The Union Minister addressed a gathering of over 100 industrialists engaged in the manufacturing of sports shoes in India on Friday in New Delhi.

A part of the meeting, V. Noushad, president, Confederation of Indian Footwear Industries (CIFI) and MD, Walkaroo International told ETRetail that the group of industrialists suggested the Minister consider giving more importance to extending the PLI scheme for building machinery, mold, etc. The Minister agreed to the suggestion, Noushad noted adding that he expects an announcement in the upcoming budget.

In the meeting, Goyal expressed concerns about importing low-quality and low-cost raw materials. He stressed that the dependence on the import of machinery needs to be reduced and domestic machinery manufacturers should be encouraged.

Noushad shared that the Minister has asked industry stakeholders to provide substantial facts/data on export promotion subsidies given by competitor countries, regarding under-invoicing and under-valuing of imports. The government will try to add additional anti-dumping duty if needed to make the industry more competitive, Noushad opined.

The Union Minister also asked manufacturers to assess the trends of the countries with a larger global share in export and make the best possible use of the FTAs that India had signed.

Industrialists requested Goyal to reinstate the development council for footwear, leather, and accessories and set up a dedicated research center. Presently all new trends and designs go from Europe to China and then come to India. But if India wants to take lead, a research center is needed, Noushad commented.

Goyal during his address said that the Indian Footwear and Leather Development Programme needed to be relooked at.

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