Coronavirus Symptoms: THIS COVID symptom is now more ‘dominant’ than fever or loss of smell and taste

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While India sees 1,968 new COVID cases, the lowest daily tally since May, cases in the United Kingdom rise rapidly, hinting at a fresh wave of infections.

Experts warn against a “devastating” spike in COVID cases and have said that the UK is “blind” to new coronavirus waves. Recently, the Office for National Statistics revealed that infections have risen by 14% in a week. While the cause of the rising COVID cases in the UK is unknown, experts believe that the government’s guidelines about symptoms are “wrong.”

Professor Tim Spector, co-founder of the COVID ZOE app, told The Independent, “Many people are still using the government guidelines about symptoms which are wrong.”

Earlier, symptoms like fever and loss of sense of smell and taste were some of the most common and tell-take signs of COVID-19. However, experts now believe that has changed…

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